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About Us
Real People You Can Trust

Since I was little I always had a penchant for high performance sports (marathon and athletics). Because of my passion for health and beauty, I started in the beauty and spa industry, specializing in skin care and body shaping.

By dedicating so much time to this profession, with long hours of work and the responsibility of the home being a single mother of three beautiful children. I begin to present health problems, which motivates me to investigate deeply the topic of nutrition and the well-being of the human body. I certify myself as a Zumba trainer, thus reawakening my passion for exercise.

I felt the need for a product that met the nutritional needs for people who wanted to lead a healthier lifestyle with better nutrition. after much research and great resources invested in laboratories to develop the nutritional formula that today is Transformación Fit.


Develop high quality products for our clients, taking into account their needs and demands. Delivering to our clients a high quality product to improve the lives of men and women through better nutrition to achieve the desired results.


To be a leading, innovative and reliable national and international company in the nutrition industry, satisfying the needs of our clients above their expectations. Offering vegan, natural high quality products and raising awareness about the benefits of good nutrition and the use of high quality products, educate our clients about the importance of having a balanced diet to prevent future diseases, which can be avoided with exercises. and good nutrition.
Periodically incorporate new products to ensure the leadership of our brand and continue to grow with our clients.

Marisol Gomez

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