Weigh your meals and lose weight

When we talk about taking care of our diet, we are only told to eat healthy, vegetables, fruits, lean meat, carbohydrates, etc. That is, we talk about the most and least recommended foods but the amount we should consume is never specified.

We spend hours in the gym and after a while we get discouraged and think I am healthy and I don't see any change, of course because we are never told how much. I was there for a long time and like many of you I did not see results from having personal trainers.

One day one of the many trainers that I had was very close to me and told me the truth is not having the results you want because he is not weighing the meals and there I realized that it is not only to eat healthy but that I had to learn to weigh meals.

How should I record the weight of my food: raw or once cooked?

In general, these values ​​refer to the ration of raw and uncooked food. On rare occasions, the nutritional values ​​may refer to the already cooked portion. However, it is usually indicated on the packaging. We recommend that you weigh the food before cooking.

Unless otherwise stated, nutritional values ​​usually refer to the edible part of the food

Why should we weigh food?

You must have total control of what you consume and at the same time of what you spend, in this way you can create a caloric deficit that will allow you to lose weight or, in your case, a habit that will allow you to gain muscle mass.

What is food weighing?

The weight of food is measured either in ounces or in grams. Do not confuse grams of food weight with grams of carbohydrates. The weight of the food is simply the weight of that actual food when you put it on the food scale.

How to weigh food to know how many calories it has?

To find out how many calories a food has, multiply the grams of carbohydrates it has by 4, the grams of protein by 4, and the total fat by 9.

Use your hand and other everyday objects to measure portion sizes:

A serving of beef or poultry is the palm of your hand or a deck of cards

A 3-ounce (84-gram) serving of fish is a check book

Half a cup (40 grams) of ice cream is a tennis ball

A portion of cheese is a pair of dice

One-half cup (80 grams) of cooked rice, pasta, or snacks such as potato chips or donuts is a round bunch or tennis ball

A serving of pancake or waffle is a compact disc

Two tablespoons (36 grams) of peanut butter is a ping pong ball

I personally use a balnza and measure with measuring cups and spoons.

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